I don't believe in corporate training. Not the ones you know. I don't believe in sitting 20 people around a table, with coffee and snacks, and have them listen for one or two hours to a cardboard cut-out spitting out carefully trimmed words that leave no teaching behind. 

I believe in training that comes from doing, aimed at creating and sharing useful and applicable things.

I create and facilitate those trainings: the ones that provide a toolbox of communication resources. And I make sure to teach leaders and their teams how to use those tools, maintain them and create new ones, so that they communicate better, in a way that is comfortable for them and not turn into extra work.

I design and impart those trainings, the ones I like to receive. On what topics? On communication, marketing, presentations, public speaking, using non verbal communication, words and intonation to create impact, leading teams, and several other things, always within the field of communication, and only about stuff that I know firsthand because I have done it myself.

All trainings can have whatever format you can think of: workshops, seminars, talks, games or full off-site days. I design them 100% customized to your team, your needs and your organization's. And I love doing it.