For a long long time I've been writing about the things and ideas that are left in me as a result of putting body and mind to work on the communication that runs through us everyday.

Sometimes, I get invited to share what I'm occupying my time on, like this this talk I gave at Andsec 2017. I've spoken for several other audiences and organizations, but I don't have materials to share from all of them. A pity.

Seminars and talks I put together always share one goal: invite you and your team to rethink the way you work. From that common thread, we can later transition to particular business goals you are dealing with at the time I sit with your team.

In general, my talks have to do with topics and areas I'm investigating and with ideas and experiments I have ran in organizations I've worked for. I don't speak about things I haven't experienced in the flesh.

If you'd like to gather and think about a talk that can be of service to your organization, so that they can stop, think and do some things differently, let's book a meeting.